Workshop with Mario von Rickenbach

Can Simulator

Aurélien Pellegrini, Bastien Claessens

A project about a can. Open the can by draging your mouse on the metal stick. You can also break this stick if you drag it too much. You can also try to shake this can.


Pablo Bellon

Feeling the tension of the balloon and exploding it. Just move the mouse.

Ticket for Love

Kylan Luginbuhl, Yael Sidler

Remember the time when you were happy to stamp your train ticket ? Here you can do it for ever and even with a small surprise. Grab the ticket and put it in !

Snow Wiper

Michaël Pica, Maya Bellier

A game with the purpose of creating a satisfying interaction and sensation in the snow wiping. It uses moused drag to clear of the snow when the car arrives.

Straight Brushing

Paul Noël

A project about brushing hair. Click and Move to brush hairs.

2017 / Workshop / 3CVmid