With Jürg Lehni

Moving Posters is an introductory course into scripting vector graphic images, animations and interactions with the Paper.js framework.

In the workshop we focused on learning approaches to construct, compose, animate and transform 2D graphics, and applied this learned vocabulary to reinterpret preexisting visual works, giving them new expression through the addition of interaction, motion and sound.

Focusing on the format of the poster, each student chose and researched a designer from a proposed list or of their own choosing, selecting posters and works to base their Paper.js projects on.

Like most graphic design, posters exist to transmit meaning, but they do so by visually condensing a narrative into a clearly confined space, communicating a message in compelling and often surprising ways to reach and speak to a broad audience. Their compositions often suggest movement, sequence, choreography, activity, a fact that was taken one step further in the workshop, by bringing such works further to live through scripting.

The works were allowed to be derivates, hommages, or reinterpretations, but needed to have aspects of animation and interaction, and optionally could be enriched with sound.

The resulting moving posters took the form of many things, holding aspects of:

Karl Nawrot

Alfatih Al Zouabi

All Great

Alice Nimier


Musica Viva

Anouk Zibaut

Mousemove / sound


Bastien Mouthon



Diane Becheras


Les Graphiquants

Ernest de Lapaillone


Keith Haring

Iyo Bisseck


Musica Viva

Jonathan Boulenaz


Grid System

Kevin Breithaupt


Max Bill

Luca Sassoli De Bianchi et Nathan Vogel

Mousemove / Sound


Maëlle Chenaux

Mousemove / Click

Bridget Riley

Sebastien Matos


Tamara Viràg


Workshop with Jürg Lehni / 2017 / 1CVmid