Swiss Data

A series of interactive data-visualizations around swiss culture and the swissnex network. Designed by Bachelor Media & Interaction Design students of ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, the projects were initiated during a one-week trip to San Francisco in March 2016. They present a novel and entertaining way to display various data.


Vincent Jacquier, Cyril Diagne, Pauline Saglio


Romain Cazier


Alois Geiser, Andrea Ramirez, Arthur Moscatelli, Charlotte Broccard, Elise Migraine, Erika Marthins, Hélène Portier, Mélanie Courtinat, Pietro Alberti, Salomé Chatriot, Stella Speziali, Thomas Faucheux


Marc Dubois

Swiss Clock

“swiss clock” features playful dancing swiss army knives that will show you the local time upon touch. Enjoy a brand new choreography after every display, also feel free to interrupt their dance by dragging your finger along the screen.

Have fun and experience time the swiss way!


  • Erika Marthins
  • Andrea Ramirez A.

Swiss Cows

Meuh! (French onomatopoeia for mooing of the cow = Moo)

What do you see? Cows on a big green field? Sounds like a swiss cliché!

Immerse yourself in peaceful Switzerland for a moment. Eating grass, resting and mooing: this is the everyday life of swiss cows.

But there’s something you may not know about them: they like to stay informed, love gossip and follow swissnex on Twitter.

Touch each cow to read the recent Twitter posts about swissnex activities.


  • Charlotte Broccard
  • Mélanie Courtinat
  • Thomas Faucheux

Swiss Tags

The strength of swissnex San Francisco is to gather people and companies from both the Bay Area and Switzerland. Using tags on Flickr, “swiss tag” acts as a metaphor, gathering common pictures of San Francisco to create a mosaic of a typical swiss image.

Select a tag and touch a thumbnail to reveal the mosaic’s composition.


  • Romain Cazier
  • Arthur Moscatelli

Swissnex Events

This project collects and displays past swissnex-related events in an interactive visualization that reveals the connections between swissnex activities. The graph is updated automatically everytime a new event is added to the database.

Touch & drag the circles to organize, filter and discover more detailed information about the events.


  • Aloïs Geiser
  • Stella Speziali

Swissnex City

Wander in “swissnex city” and discover the various activities of swissnex San Francisco. Tap on a building to know what is inside it. Depending on its aspect, it could either be a person, an institution or a start-up. This interactive city allows you to explore large network of swissnex in detail as well as enjoying an overview.

Slide up and down to pan around and use the side buttons to rotate the camera.


  • Pietro Alberti
  • Elise Migraine

Swissnex Heads

“swissnex heads” is a data visualization of every actor involved in swissnex San Francisco. The core of the team is shown with black and white heads while all the residents, the start ups and partners are represented by the colorful logos.

Have fun making them move to create an interactive pattern.


  • Salomé Chatriot
  • Hélène Portier