Custom Records is a fictional label founded in 2016 at ECAL for the Dynamic Display course.

1st year students from the Bachelor Media & Interaction Design were given a fake band name out of the “random” page from Wikipedia and a fake album name from a random quote. They then had to create an interactive app allowing users to generate various covers for their album. Their app had to generate a wide range of variations while being visually consistent and appealing.

Pierre Alain-Longval, André Andrade, Giulio Barresi, Mathilde Colson, Pierry Jaquillard, Adrien Kaeser, Luca Kasper, Kelian Maissen, David Nguyen, Mathieu Palauqui, Justine Rieder, Callum Ross, Guillaume Simmen, Fabiola Soavelo, Corentin Vignet

Angelo Benedetto

Romain Cazier